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Outsource Your Spa Therapists Requirements to us

We are startup company, powered by Aastha Spa in Kolkata, we are committed to providing quality spa training to produce outstanding therapists to help spa businesses around the world.

We are dedicated and committed to a common goal of providing the best spa therapists with adequate training and soft skills to help your guest relax and rejuvenate.
Our training centre is based out of the beautiful town of Kalimpong from where we recruit and train potential candidates as spa therapists who are normally locals and from the surrounding areas.

Our Mission is to be the preferred spa therapist provider company, which provides quality training and assign them to various branded spa's nationally and internationally.

Spa Therapist Training Program was introduced to develop local expertise while giving new career opportunities to North East India youth. It also aims to regulate the spa industry and to reduce India's dependency on foreign therapists.
The Training Center provides hands-on practical training. It’s designed exclusively to suit the requirement of spa training. A vast area has been provided for practicing/training

Call us no 9830542699 or email us at hello@spatherapist.in